INFINITY A – 1, quadro e commento di CAMELIA ELIAS, Roskilde, Danimarca


(copyright dell'artista)



For H.D.

At tea with the Mad Hatter, I’m showing him my new painting, Infinity-A-1. “Alice, my dear, you can’t count worth shit,” he tells me. “That’s true,” I concur, and then say, “but I can interpret. Infinity is what it is. Boundless.” The Mad Hatter is thinking about it. He enters in character and says, “yes.” “So, you understand, then?” I ask. “Yes.” My faith is strong but I need more proof. So I ask him again. “What do you understand?” “That infinity is the greater love,” he says. “Good answer,” I say, but then I insist. “If I told you, ‘If I stood on my head for you, what then?” “I would still love you,” he says. “Good answer,” I say again. “If I come or if I go, what then?" “I would still love you,” he says. “If I did nothing and everything at once, what then?” “I would still love you,” he says. The March Hare intervenes: “you 2 are incurable. There is 1 too many ifs in this string of topsy turvys, lovy doveys, and still bills. You both need a seminar in number theory that goes all the way. I’ll teach it, if you want it, and if you don’t, I won’t.” We switch places on the table. 6 riddles fall on the plates. 3 for us and 3 for them. They all sound the same: “What do infinity and form have in common?”

The Mad Hatter: “that we want them only thus.”
The March Hare: “that they are uncountable.”
The Knave of Hearts: “that they are both mature.”
The Queen of Hearts: “that they both murder time.”
The October Einstein: “that they are both relatively relative.”
Alice in Wonderland: “that we remember doing neither.”


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