ULTRA X MAN, quadro di RIVER, Tokyo, Japan. WHAT DID YOU (DO) THERE ?, poesia di AERONWY THOMAS, UK

(copyright dell'artista)

LINK: http://www.artbreak.com/RIVER




                            WHAT DID YOU (DO ) THERE ?



                                               There’s something there,

                                               where, care

                                               to look behind the sofa,

                                               along the curtain rail,

                                               under the Queen’s chair.


                                               Care to feel your way

                                               into the cupboard

                                               it’s dark in there.

                                               Since he’s come to stay

                                               I keep clear.


                                               But you’ve got claws

                                               and pointed teeth

                                               he wouldn’t dare

                                               to pick a fight

                                               with you.


                                               And as a mere


                                               a surprising thought

                                               I ask

                                               Might you be the “he”

                                               who’s come to stay?





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