In the shape of a circle, quadro-interpretazione di MIREK ANTONIEWICZ, Polonia (da una poesia di Dylan Thomas)

LINK: http://mirekantoniewicz.webs.com

(copyright dell'artista)



In the shape of a circle


The work was inspired by a poem Lament  /In country sleep,1952/

by the twentieth century poet Dylan Thomas.



Lament  /first phrases/


When I was a windy boy and a bit

When I was a gusty man and a half


When I was a man you could call a man


When I was half the man I was


Now I am a man no more no more



In the shape of a circle is about passing off in our life.

The touched relation between life and death.

Speak about position between light and dark.

Each person must break through an this way.

The cycle repeats around.

Without end.


Mirek Antoniewicz ‘ 2010

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