“Until the Stars Fall” song by Gavin Adam Wood. Painting by Cecilia Czech, Namibia

(copyright Cecilia Czech)


Until the stars fall

I know what love is with you
do you know what love is with me ?

I think about you all the time
every minute of every day
and I will always be there
until the sun goes down
and the stars all fall out from the sky…

(Gavin Adam Wood)


Link: http://www.gavinadamwood.com/



1 Comment

  1. Hi there this is a big honour to have one of my painting representing gavin adam woods songs… I paint full time and the road is so full of surprises especially here in Namibia it is a beautiful country I have been here for 33 yrs and wonder where the road will take me as long as my passion lives for art…hoping for another year…heart disease really is finding the better of me….

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