Arte, Immagine & Poesia

“The Door” poem by Aeronwy Thomas, U.K. Painting by Yuri Kabisher, Israel

Yuri Kabisher

(copyright Yuri Kabisher)





I can see the door

the other side of the room

it is not the one

I entered from

but it is the door

I have to leave by

it is made  from oak

and as I walk

towards it

I note there’s

a brass handle

to pull down

in order to leave

the room with

two doors

and many windows

with views

of garden

and hills beyond

walkers like ants

dot the landscape

I can see all this

as I approach

very slowly

the door marked exit

in letters

of polished brass

I hadn’t noticed before

where I bend

ready to peer

through the keyhole

in every window





not to look

through the door

so I stand


until they disappear

and the walkers

are there once more

I see them

through the windows

and want to join them

so  pull down

the handle

and the heavy door

swings back

I step through

in the hope

that the garden

and the hills

glimpsed through

the glass

will still be there

the other side

of the door


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