Ignazio Apolloni, Immagine & Poesia

“Mr. Bee Meets a Bee” by Ignazio Apolloni, Palermo, Italy


bee 3




When Mr. Bee met a bee, jumping from a leaf to a flower, thought there was something uncomprehensible to him: how was possible a sort of identification between him and that insect enormously smaller, and most of all with a couple of wings? It didn’t make any sense, unless?
Watching around he discovered some other bees hironically smiling (and even laughing) at that astonished guy.
“What do you have to smile of? Never saw anyone confused, seeing someone else pretending being similar to the one who is observing him”?  he said.
“Did he look at you in such a way? or was the name human being given to him to bother you”?
More confused than before Mr. Bee raised his eyes to the sky in search of a help like forget it about, go ahead along your road; enjoy the walk; in other words never mind; there is always something more important to take care.
Reassured by this advise Mr. Bee let the bee get away from the place where it was. Only at times he turned his head to see if the insect had been – he too – disturbed by the man with a name similar to his.

Ignazio Apolloni



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