Immagine & Poesia, Tzemin Ition Tsai

蔡澤民 TZEMIN ITION TSAI and Immagine & Poesia


#Tzemin Ition Tsai  # 蔡澤民     Taiwan



Tzemin Ition Tsai   蔡澤民   was born in 1957 in Taiwan. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. He has equal affections in science, mathematics and literature. The results are all reflected in academic and creative published simultaneously.

Associate Professor for Asia University, Taiwan and a columnist of several poetry journals,  editor of “Reading, Writing and Teaching” academic text of the National Changhua Normal University, Taiwan, director of Writers’ Capital International Foundation, Director of Soflay International Asia, Member of Board of ” Pjetër Bogdani” International Writers’ Association, and English writer of BABELMATRIX International Multilingual Literature Portal.


His literary works include novels, prose, and poems.  He loves describing nature, humanity’s love and affection through literary works. He is often referred to as “a green poet”. In addition to access to many domestic and foreign literature awards, a large number of his works have been published in domestic and foreign literature publications and been translated into more than 14 languages and had been published in over 38 countries.

Tzemin Ition Tsai  蔡澤民 is the representative of #Immagine & Poesia in Taiwan.


Important winning records within three years:

2014, “ The 2nd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest ” Gold Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, “The 3rd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest” Bronze Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, Changhua Provincial Bureau of Culture, “The 23-year Huangsi Literature, Changhua County Writers Award (Long novel) ” (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, “The 38th China Times Newspaper Award” The Essay Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2015, National Hakka Committee “Tong Flower Award” Excellent Work of Prose (Taiwan, R. O. C.)

2016, Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Culture “The 12th Culture and Art Award” Excellent Work of Short Novel (Taiwan, R. O. C.)


2016, International Writers Association “The 2016 BOGDANI International Award for Outstanding Poets” (Belgium and Kosovo)

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