Xosiyat Rustamova

Poem by Xosiyat Rustamova, Uzbekistan. Italian Translation and Art by Lidia Chiarelli

Forse puoi fare il pupazzo di neve di una ragazza

Ogni giorno, i giardini sono belli qui –

Anche se ai corvi non importa, e si vede.

E la strada è bellissima – guarda, mio caro!

Stai guardando anche tu dalla finestra?

Il cielo è di un bianco profondo;

La neve giù è morbida.

Forse si può fare una ragazza con la neve?

Oh, come posso raggiungerti dall’altra parte della città –

Le strade sono ancora sepolte, lo so!


Maybe you can make a snowgirl
Every day, the gardens are lovely here –
Though the ravens don’t care, you can tell.
And the street is beautiful – look, my dear!
Are you watching through your window as well?
The sky’s deep white;
The snow’s soft as down.
Maybe you can make a girl from snow?
Oh, how can i get to you across town –
The roads are still buried, I know!

Khosiyat Rustamova was born in 1971 in the village of Olmos in the Chust district of Namangan Province (Uzbekistan). She studied at the Journalism Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan (1988-1993) and at the University of Higher Literature (2001-2004).

Her books have been translated and published in different languages.
She has been serving as editor-in-chief of the World of the Book newspaper since 2015.
Khosiyat Rustamova was awarded with the ‘Shukhrat’ (‘Fame’) medal in 2004 and is a member of the Writers Union of Uzbekistan. She has been awarded with the international award of Azerbaijan named after Mikail Mushfeek in 2015. She has also been a member of Writers Union of Azerbaijan since 2019.