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“CHAIRS” poem by Khế Iêm (Vietnam), image by Lidia Chiarelli (Italy)



Chairs not of the same colors,

chairs not used for sitting,

the words for chairs, not chairs; chairs

that can be touched, chairs that can


be called names, chairs that are

indeed chairs, that are not chairs;

chairs that can never be drawn,

chairs that can never speak, chairs


that can never be had,

because they are chairs that

never change their form, chairs that

can never be misplaced or


lost, chairs that are not present;

chairs, alas, that is what they

are indeed chairs, alas, not

of the same colors, chairs, alas


not used for sitting; chairs that

are not far away, chairs beyond

all things; chairs that are just

what they are chairs.

Khế Iêm





Sedie non degli stessi colori,

sedie non utilizzate per sedersi,

parole per sedie, non sedie; sedie

che possono essere toccate, sedie che possono


essere definite con nomi, sedie che sono

davvero sedie, che non sono sedie;

sedie che non possono mai essere disegnate,

sedie che non possono mai parlare, sedie


che non si potranno mai avere,

perché sono sedie che

non cambiano mai forma, sedie che

non possono mai essere fuori posto o


perse, sedie che non sono presenti;

sedie, ahimè, ecco cosa

sono in effetti le sedie, ahimè, non

degli stessi colori, sedie, ahimè


non utilizzate per sedersi; sedie che

non sono lontane, sedie oltre

tutte le cose; sedie che sono proprio

cosa sono le sedie.



Khế Iêm (Vietnam) Khế Iêm was born in 1946. Founder and editor in chief of Tạp Chí Thơ (Journal of Poetry from 1994 to 2004), Editor of online Journal for New Formalism Poetry Club, since 2004. He has published Hột Huyết (Blood Seed) play, 1972, Thanh Xuân (Youth) poetry, 1992, Dấu Quê (Traces of the Homeland), poetry, 1996, Thời của Quá khứ (A Time Past), stories, 1996, Vu Dieu Khong Van, essays, 2018.

Digital Collage, Immagine & poesia, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lidia Chiarelli

“Back to the first light”, Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Lidia Chiarelli’s Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem A VAST CONFUSION

Due to the viral pandemic that has affected almost every country in the world,  we still see a big confusion and  we wonder how the world will be in the near future.

However we like to believe, with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, that there will be a rebirth and that the world will come out of this

 Chaos unscrambled

and will return

back to the first


And the first light.

Huguette Bertrand, Immagine & poesia, Salvatore Salamone

Dal Ciclo L’uomo pacco n. 1, happening di Salvatore Salamone, Italia. Poesia di Huguette Bertrand, Canada


Happening di Salvatore Salamone

(carta da imballaggio, corde, 1975 – foto di Attilio Scimone)



La solitude cette complice

de tous les instants

invite le silence

au courant de tous les bruits

accentue le verbe approuvé

dans cet espace dénudé

entre soleil et pluies

librement partagé


quand vient le soir

un clin d’œil à la lune

puis retour au silence

pour le voyage

dans la bonne nuit

complice des instantanés

© Huguette Bertrand – 03.01.20

Dang Than, Immagine & poesia, Lidia Chiarelli

NEW SPRING, poem by DANG THAN, Vietnam – Art by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

painter of colours -


La primavera arriva, la primavera va, e qui la primavera arriva di nuovo.
Molte cose sono passate, e alcune cose sono rimaste.
In inverno il freddo è affilato come un coltello
Silenzioso e rumoroso come il flusso della vita.

Uomini, state bruciando quello che un tempo adoravate.
Adorando quello che avete bruciato – nessuno è ripagato
È così che scegliete – senza pietà
Seguaci senza creatività

Volevo essere un pittore di colori
Ma sono nato sotto coperte nere e fredde.
Quindi non ho potuto trovare la gioia nella mia arte.
che mi ha lasciato senza un punto di partenza.

Cerco il verde di un armonico suono di campanelli
Da portare con me in uno spazio tempo viola
Le nostre vite sono profonde quanto i mari sono freddi.
Come i buchi neri – una enorme massa contengono




Spring comes, spring goes, and here spring comes again
Many things have passed, and some things remain
In winter cold that is sharp as a knife
As quiet, noisy as the flow of life

Men, you’re burning down what you once worshipped
Worshipping what you burned – nobody tipped
Is this the way you choose – without pity
Followers with no creativity

I wished to be a painter of colours
But I was born under black, cold covers
So I couldn’t trace joy into my art
Which left me with no place with which to start

I seek greeneries of harmonious chime
To take with me into purple spacetime
Our lives are as deep as the seas are cold
Like black holes – enormous matter they hold



Xuân tái, xuân hồi, xuân lại đến rồi,
Bao điều còn lại, nhiêu điều đã trôi;
Cơn gió cuối đông lạnh như dao sắc,
Phù hoa đời kia, bên dòng trầm mặc.

Sao người tàn phá cái hằng tôn thờ,
Lại còn phụng sự thứ từng bẩn nhơ;
Người người dấn bước, nào chút mủi lòng,
Cớ sao chẳng nghĩ một lần sáng trong.

Tôi đã từng mơ được làm họa sỹ,
Tô mầu cho đời rực hồng muôn ý;
Mà sao cơ hàn, bi thảm triền miên,
Đường hầm dằng dặc, đen tối hiện tiền.

Tôi đi tìm xanh, mái trời tươi nắng,
Mang theo cùng tôi thời không tím lặng;
Đời sâu như biển, mà lạnh như tiền,
Hố đen thăm thẳm, nuốt trộng viễn miên


Dang Than, Immagine & poesia, Lidia Chiarelli

“Hmmtransitionalseason” by Dang Than, Vietnam. Digital art by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

Transitional Season ---



As spring passes, summer arrives, tender bamboo shoots beg for purity, golden kites hovering in breezes, blowing boisterously, giving haste to young chests when the winds die down. Obsessed with radiant days and flames that rise to heaven, resting inside heavy hearts, leaving one’s hollow holes becoming one with rain drops propping up the sky. The sea is made smooth, its waves left, beginning and ending, rising – their roots assembling, then overflowing over and over again. Oh, my dear – how the season thaws and softens with meandering mud bleeding red into the snow; stagnant morning dew made from when earth and fire were formed thousands of years ago. Love sprouts and blooms as fire and water rush by, robbers and thieves whisper words in the wind blowing from the highlands to the mountainside. Yellow lights are hung by pink flamingo birds as the phoenixes descend onto red mounts; fire, wind and life gather as guitars are heard. Tao curves and forthright hearts cross, drying up only to become wet again. How perpetually life floats by in lullabies, flags and banners, blowing up dust, leaving the disloyal alone to their heats’ content. In early summer as bamboo rises to thunder’s beautiful youthful songs, notes falling into soup pots one by one, cooking themselves into the sky beyond, rustling high up into the sunshine, throwing columns of invisible smoke up into the air and my mind.

Dang Than


Immagine & poesia

Manifesto du Mouvement IMMAGINE & POESIA



le 9 novembre 2007




  1. La CULTURE – par la POESIE et l’ART – doit être la nourriture spirituelle des nouvelles générations
  2. La POESIE et les BEAUX ARTS portent à des moments de CREATIVITE CROISEE
  3. Toute forme d’expression peut en inspirer d’autres: notre but est leur INTEGRATION
  4. De l’intégration de la POESIE et des BEAUX ARTS, sollicitées réciproquement, peut voir le jour une NOUVELLE FORME D’ART, riche et complète
  5. Le mouvement est ouvert à des artistes et écrivains provenant d’horizons et cultures même profondément différents
  6. L’INTERACTION de ces écrivains et artistes peut porter à une meilleure connaissance, compréhension, donc au respect de l’AUTRE
  7. Nous sommes en faveur d’une COLLABORATION, qui pourra se faire soit par les MEDIA TRADITIONNELS, soit par internet
  8. On privilégiera en tous cas les NOUVELLES TECHNOLOGIES dans l’échange d’idées créatives pour innover
  9. Nous voulons combattre l’apathie, la banalité et la superficialité pour affirmer l’activité, l’invention, l’originalité, la recherche
  10. Le mouvement IMAGE & POESIE est ouvert à d’ultérieurs développements et liaisons avec d’autres disciplines et avec d’autres formes d’art et d’expression

Membres fondateurs:

AERONWY THOMAS, poet and writer


SANDRINA PIRAS, poète – LIDIA CHIARELLI, coordonnatrice

Critiques d’art: MARY GORGY, Long Island, N.Y; ENZO PAPA


Producteurs exécutifs: LIDIA CHIARELLI – ROSALBA VACIS