Lidia Chiarelli’s Art on Shabdaguchha Cover


Shabdaguchha, an International Bilingual Poetry Journal, Celebrating 17 Years of Publication – Editor: Hassanal Abdullah, New York

December 2017 – Volume 20


Lidia Chiarelli incontra Aeronwy Thomas: è l’inizio del Movimento Immagine & Poesia


IMMAGINE&POESIA (IMAGE&POETRY) is an international artistic literary movement, founded at Alfa Teatro in Torino, Italy, in 2007. Since its inception, IMMAGINE&POESIA has continued to grow. Hundreds of poets and artists from all over the world have participated, and the movement now reaches international audiences.

The MANIFESTO of the movement consists of 10 points and has been translated into 30 languages. The fourth point suggests moments of cross fertilization for artists and poets in order to support the thesis that a literary text may inspire the creation of a figurative art work and vice versa: the result is a new and complete form of art.

PATHS TO PEACE, poem and installation by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (Translation by Ada Aharoni, Israel)


Paths to Peace


“Poesía es lo imposible

hecho posible. Arpa

que tiene en vez de curda

corazones y llamas”


Federico Garcia Lorca


שלח לי מילות אהבה


אנו נבנה

שבילים לשלום


שלח לי דברי תקווה


אנו נמלא

אלפי עמודים ריקים

הקולות שלנו יחד


לקולות המתוקים של נבל


נושאות ברוח


הם יהיו

שיר חדש

בכחול עמוק של שמים

שלא יכבו

בחושך הלילה


לידיה צ’יארלי, איטליה


פורסם בעבר באנטי-טרור ושלום:

אנתולוגיה של איפלאק מהדורת קינדל

מאת עדה אהרוני (עורכת)


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“The Moon of Como Lake” poem by Mariko Sumikura, Japan. Collage by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy


The Moon of Como Lake


Once the Muse calls,

People gather in a place like little magnets

They’re poets


Here is Como lake, residence of poetry

People recite poems to the extent it’s echoed

They’re poets


With a whole body

People put the power of the words on a wave of sound

They’re poets


Night of a feast prolonged till late

People still feel waving by attaching poems

Then the moon stops in the middle of sky


They enjoyed a brief mingling

The moon of lake Como

Looks down at them with a beautiful smile


La Luna del Lago di Como


Quando la Musa chiama,

Le persone si ritrovano in un luogo come piccoli magneti

Sono poeti


Ecco il lago di Como, residenza della poesia

Riecheggiano le poesie che le persone recitano

Sono poeti



Le persone mettono il potere delle parole su un’onda di suono

Sono poeti


Notte di festa prolungata fino a tardi

La gente si sente ancora cullata dalle poesie

Poi la luna si ferma al centro del cielo


Sono felici  del breve incontro

La luna del lago di Como

Li guarda  con un bel sorriso

(traduzione di Lidia Chiarelli)

Copyright Mariko Sumikura – All Rights reserved

The Moon of Como Lake

Mariko Sumikura was born, lives and writes in Kyoto. She is the descendant of a very old family with roots in that city going back to medieval times. She studied English Literature at Ritsumeikan University. She also has interests in French Literature and modern Western philosophy.


Tribute to FILIPPO DI SAN MARTINO, Agliè Castle (Torino Italy) October 14 2017


Lidia Chiarelli’s digital collages on show


AGLIÈ – La Sala Nuova del Castello di Agliè, sabato mattina, si è riempita per ricordare, e scoprire, la figura del Conte Filippo San Martino, in occasione del 350esimo anniversario della sua morte.

All’ingresso, sono state distribuite cartoline su cui compaiono i collage realizzati da Lidia Chiarelli, raffiguranti il Conte Filippo e Cristina di Francia, immagini esposte anche all’interno della Sala Nuova.

“A seed” gogyoshi by Taro Aizu, Japan

A seed

Even though
I’m old,
I have a seed
that will bloom someday,
deep in my heart

Taro Aizu


Un seme


Anche se

sono vecchio

io ho un seme

che germoglierà un giorno

profondo nel mio cuore

Translated by Lidia Chiarelli


” A Seed” was previously published in : This Precious Earth,  c Copyright, January, 2017 by Taro Aizu. All rights reserved



Taro Aizu was born in the Aizu region of Fukushima
prefecture, Japan. He lives in Kanagawa near Tokyo now.
He has been writing haiku for 20 years, gogyoshi for 12
years in Japanese, and both for 5 years in English and

Multi award winning poet.