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“Water Prayer” – to Dylan Thomas, Son of the Sea, poem by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

Water Prayer

to Dylan, Son of the Sea

Seagulls and restless rooks

challenge the wind

on this winter morning.

Under a pearl sky

the waves sing the rising sun –

the first glimpse of light on the horizon

  fades too soon.

Here and now

Dylan’s words resound:

The waters of the heart

push in their tides…*

And from the ancient cliff

I pause and listen to

the voice of the sea:

a water prayer

that softly evaporates

among the fleeing clouds.

*from: Light breaks where no sun shines

Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

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Dylan, Son of the Sea – digital artwork by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy – (from an original photo by Nora Summers)
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#DylanDay 2017 – Torino Italy – DYLAN&DYLAN

 Dylan&Dylan, digital collage by Lidia Chiarelli (from original photos by Nora Summers and Alberto Cabello, painting by G. Actis)

Conference at Binaria Book, via Setrière 34 Torino – May 12, 6 pm




You should be sorry, Bob D.

You poached the name from my dad


Memphis not-near-the-sea

Cannot catch sea-son of wave


My dad was Dylan Thomas

That’s what I say, honest


Not that I want to brag

Bob Dylan doesn’t quite have


The sea shell sound of the grave

It’s all over now, baby blue


Sorry Bob



(first published in “Rooks and Poems” –  Poetry Monthly Press, Nottingham 2004)

Courtesy of Trefor and Hannah Ellis



Dovresti scusarti Bob D.

Hai scippato il nome di mio padre


Memphis non-vicino-al-mare

Non  può prendere il figlio dell’onda del mare

Mio padre era Dylan Thomas

Ecco quello che dico, con franchezza


Non che voglia vantarmi

Bob Dylan proprio non ha


Il suono di  conchiglia marina della tomba

E’ tutto finito ora, baby blue


Mi dispiace Bob.


Traduzione di Lidia Chiarelli


Dylan Thomas

HIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH (Llewelyn’s imagined response to his father) by FIONA GREEN, UK


(Llewelyn  walking in a misty meadow near Dawlish – watercolour by Fiona Green)

This poem should be read alongside Dylan Thomas poem “This Side of the Truth” – for Llewelyn.


HIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH : Llewelyn’s imagined response to his father

Llewelyn saw your side of the truth, and rejected it
In the blinding country of his middle age.
He saw what was undone
Under the unminding skies
King of his heart in the blind days.

King of his sixty one years,by the grinding Dawlish sea
He blew away like breath;
Went crying through you and me
And the souls of all men :
A hard death.

And all your deeds and words,Dylan
Were cast, before he moved
Each truth, each lie
Was judged …. and died ….
In his unjudging love.

Fiona Green


Llewelyn Thomas & Fiona Green  lived together for his
last six years
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#DylanDay: “Garden of Clouds” (To Dylan Thomas) poem by Peter Thabit Jones, UK – Painting by Fotini Hamidieli, Greece

Fotini Hamidieli





(To Dylan Thomas)


Your life had become
A speeded-up film,

Moving too fast, sickly,

Each frame flashed by,

Too quickly, not settling
At all in the scrapbook

Of your mind. Your voice

Was left behind, in rooms
Of strangers sipping wine,
Their politeness like fresh paint
Drying on walls.

You were always traveling,
In a plane, a bus or a car,

Yesterday was always lost
Above a garden of clouds,
In a station of tired faces,

On a table in a café
On a never-ending road.

You felt so alone, your past
Blocked off by each city’s dream
Of sky-threatening stone.
Your dramas drowned in each smile.


The ash of your words
Smouldered in the books
That they bought and shelved
In their unknown lives.

You were losing yourself.
Your emotions rode

The conveyor-belts of their eyes.

You got as close as a lover
With your pockets of songs.

You wore the garments of death
With the laughter of a clown.

At night, when sleep played
Games with your soul

And the traffic smothered
Your slow pictures of love,
New poems dripped into
The wounds of your life

Below the garden of clouds.

Peter Thabit Jones


Dylan Thomas, Gianpiero Actis, Immagine & Poesia, Lidia Chiarelli

Dylan Thomas Celebration in Torino, Italy : Portraits Exhibition at Biblioteca Alberto Geisser, March 25, 2015


Light your Fire
“Dylan, light your fire” mix-media by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (from an original photo by Nora Summers – courtesy of Jeff Town)



"Dylan Thomas in blue" digital print by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy
“Dylan Thomas in Blue” digital print by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (from an original photo taken in Battersea in 1936, courtesy of Jeff  Town)





Dt portrait
“Portrait of Dylan Thomas” by Gianpiero Actis, Italy



… and a special remembrance of Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan’s daughter


"Aeronwy Thomas" by Liliana Cecchin, Italy
“Aeronwy Thomas” by Liliana Cecchin, Italy


“Portrait of Aeronwy Thomas” by Davide Binello, Italy




Immagine & Poesia

DYLAN THOMAS AND ITALY – centenary celebration in Torino, March 25 2015

Dylan Thomas and Italy



(In the Beginning, painting by Gianpiero Actis)

A conference at the Alberto Geisser Library of Turin (March 25, at 6 pm ) is one of the two events created in Italy to remember the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas on the centenary of his birth.

The first  conference was in Portoferraio – Elba Island –  on April 26 2014 with a report on the artistic collaboration between Dylan Thomas and writer and translator Luigi Berti.


“Dylan Thomas and Italy” stands as the closing event of the celebrations held at international level throught the year 2014.


The meeting, organized by the associations Il Luogo delle Arti  and Immagine & Poesia, follows the publication in Swansea of the anthology THE COLOUR OF SAYING – A Creative Writing Competition in Celebration of Dylan Thomas * – with the participation of Anna Maria Bracale Ceruti and Federica Galetto as the Italian selected  poets and Lidia Chiarelli as a translator.


For the first time in Turin, scholars of Dylan Thomas’ poetry, including  bookseller Massimo Trombi and  84 year old poet Manrico Murzi (who met Dylan Thomas),  will speak of  the Italian  period of the Welsh poet and his family, who in 1947 stayed first in Florence and then in Rio Marina (Elba Island).


There will also be a special remembrance of Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan, who in 2006 visited a school in Turin, after many years of collaboration in a long distance creative writing workshop.


On display paintings by Gianpiero Actis and Davide Binello


* Event created by Anne Pelleschi/Haden and Peter Thabit Jones

Anthology edited by Peter Thabit Jones and Stanley H. Barkan –

Cross-Cultural Communications, USA

The Seventh Quarry Press, Wales, UK


Where: Library Alberto Geisser, c. Casale 5 Torino

When: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 6 pm

Dylan Thomas, Libri e poesia

The Colour of Saying (Il Colore del Dire) – Una celebrazione di Dylan Thomas

The Colour of Saying (Il Colore del Dire) – Una celebrazione di Dylan Thomas

apertura ufficiale del concorso 7 novembre 2012



. produzione di lavori nuovi e originali di scrittura creativa basati sulla poesia di Dylan Thomas ‘’The Hunchback in the Park’’  (‘’Il Gobbetto nel Parco’’)


. creare un programma su base quinquennale che includa altre discipline, come poesia accompagnata da musica, sceneggiature di film o opere teatrali e monologhi drammatici.

. incoraggiare le vittime di traumi o di guerra, prigionieri, donne o uomini che hanno subito maltrattamenti, immigrati o rifugiati in un nuovo paese e che non ne parlano la lingua

Linee Guida:

. Età dei concorrenti da 10 a 100 anni

. Le risposte alla poesia ‘’Il Gobbetto nel Parco’’ possono essere in poesia, prosa poetica, prosa, in

forma di diario o di lettera

. Le opere presentate di scrittura creativa devono essere originali

. Le opere presentate di scrittura creativa devono essere inedite

. Le opere presentate di scrittura creativa possono essere scritte nella madre lingua dell’autore

(qualunque essa sia)  o nel dialetto dell’autore, insieme (se possibile) alla traduzione inglese

. Le opere presentate sono limitate ad una pagina per l’originale e una pagina per la traduzione

. Le opere proposte devono essere inviate a  colour@dylandowntheups.org.uk

. Riferimenti in allegato devono includere i dati e l’età del concorrente e le modalità di contatto

. L’iscrizione è gratuita

. La scadenza è il 27 aprile 2014 (giorno del compleanno della madre di Dylan Florrie Thomas)

Le migliori opere presentate saranno giudicate da scrittori/traduttori internazionali e appariranno in una antologia che sarà pubblicata il 27 ottobre 2014, nel centenario della nascita di Dylan Thomas, da The Seventh Quarry Press UK congiuntamente a

Cross-Cultural Communications, USA

Citazioni delle altre opere proposte saranno pubblicate nel sito:


Organizzatori: Annie Pelleschi e il poeta gallese Peter Thabit Jones in collaborazione con

Stanley H. Barkan di New York

Giudici per la lingua inglese: Peter Thabit Jones e Anne Pelleschi del Galles; Stanley H. Barkan, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Maria Mazziotti Gillan e John Dotson degli Stati Uniti d’America

I giudici per le altre lingue saranno scelti da Stanley H. Barkan e Peter Thabit Jones