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“Contabilità” poem by Marco Coppe, Italy. “Blessing” painting by Lalit Jain, India

Blessings by Lalit

“Blessing” painting by Lalit Jain, India


Accosta le mani
in segno di preghiera
osservando lo spazio
sottraendo il tuo corpo
dalla contemplazione,
osserva dunque il risultato
annotalo sul registro
delle presenze
di fronte alla divinità.

Marco Coppe, Italy

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“God’s Own Garden” painting by Lalit Jain, India



God’s Own Garden
When His garden was formed, God breathed into it and every form burst into color and movement swirling in the harmonic beauty that was of His own sacred essence

“this is just a poem” by DOC HUCKSTER, U.S.A. – “Poetic Curves” painting by Lalit Jain, India

(copyright Lalit Jain)



this is not the answer

this is a question i sing

this is just a poem

and it is not about everything

no one religion

sees the whole truth

i am listening

i am listening to you


sea songs by the seashore

and the desert tribes have theirs

but some songs

are understood everywhere

and the people are dancing

and i love it when we do

i am listening

i am listening to you