Adel Khozam

“THE POETRY TREE” – Anthology of Love, Hope and Peace, created by Adel Khozam, UAE

Cover of the Anthology

Dear great poets of the world,

This is the moment of poetry.

The moment of hope, love, and peace.



“The World Poetry Tree” is one of the most important anthologies ever published in UAE and the largest poetic project in the history of World Expos. More than 400 leading Poets from 192 countries present their poems with words of peace, solidarity and hope: some of these writers are nominees for the Nobel Prize for Literature, organizers of International Poetry Festivals, editors and supervisors of poetry magazines and sites. All gathered in the United Arab Emirates through DUBAI EXPO 2020, the motto of which has been “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. This edition, created by Adel Khozam, one of the outstanding poetic voices in the Emirates, is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Youth of UAE.