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“The Divine Kiss” by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Big Sur, California

divine kiss

“The Divine Kiss” by Carolyn Mary Keelfeld, an art book of paintings and poems, in honor of David Campagna, is exhibited at the Karpeles Museum and Library, in both Santa Barbara and Shreveport.


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The Divine Kiss is a loving, passionate, and highly original work that inspires and evokes the lover in all of us. Here, Rumi elopes with Chagall in a dance of color, compassion, and sensuality…Wildly enchanting, deeply moving, vulnerable yet powerful, we are caressed and transformed by The Divine Kiss.

Dr. Darin Deterra,
psychotherapist and author

To enter Carolyn Kleefeld’s “aura artistica” is to recapture the rapture of creation.
Norman Anu Cohan,
director, Santa Barbara Karpeles Museum and Library

Beyond the veil of everyday reality, a magical realm is revealed where lovers sing, dance, and make love in the presence of passion and beauty.
Linda Jacobson,
artist, educator