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“Inclinazioni di Luce” di Lidia Chiarelli vince il Premio Speciale Lord Byron 2019





Porto Venere, November 3   2019.

The Jury’s Special Prize of the Poetry Competition “Premio Lord Byron – Porto Venere – Golfo dei Poeti” for:

Lidia Chiarelli:  “INCLINAZIONI DI LUCE – SLANTS OF LIGHT”, Cross-Cultural Communications, New York 2019

Stanley H. Barkan Editor-Publisher

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Books published by Legas/Arba Sicula & CCC – St. John’s University NY – (A music of the South of Italy program, Friday, Oct 25 2019).

Display of books published by Legas/Arba Sicula & CCC
at St. John’s University for a music of the South of Italy program, Friday, Oct 25 2019.
Photos with Slants of Light & Horse Poems Postcard,  Freya’s Tears, Bubbemwise & Babbaluci & Sicilian Antigruppo.,


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Lidia Chiarelli’s SLANTS OF LIGHT at THE POETS HOUSE, New York 2019


Lidia Chiarelli: Inclinazioni di Luce – Slants of Light, Cross-Cultural Communicactions, New York 2019 (Editor Publisher: Stanley H. Barkan) on show at  the

27th Annual Poets House Showcase

Jun 27, 2019 | 6:00 pm – Aug 17, 2019 | 6:00 pm

New York


Poets House is a national poetry library and literary center that invites poets and the public to step into the living tradition of poetry.


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“Vision Test” by Kyung-Nyun Richards



Cross-Cultural Communications, NY



VISION TEST by Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards

Cover art by Gianpiero Actis

Cover design by Li Yao 

“Kyung-Nyun Richards‘ poetry is powered by her integrity, her honesty and her wisdom, all of which exemplify her strengths and her delicacy. One senses a real experience of her knowledge of life’s ‘dismays and rainbows,’ to quote Dylan Thomas.’’ —Peter Thabit Jones, Poet, dramatist, editor & publisher of The Seventh Quarry “If you’re the type of reader who wonders whether it is better to be reincarnated as a tree rather than as a bloom, thenVision Test by Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards is the book for you. . . . Like William Blake’s work, this book fuses the Western and Eastern sensitivities.’’ —Hal Sirowitz, Former Poet Laureate of Queens, New York “In her Vision Test, Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards has captured many aspects of life, as trivial as a report card or a vision test, as common as a tree or a clam.” —Hong Ai Bai, Co-Author, A Break in Passing Clouds: Improvisations of Chinese Poems    Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards . . . unique sensibility brings forth the world of her ordinary experiences in deep and generous lyrical language. —Kwon Young-Min, Critic & Prof. of Korean Literature 128pp $15.00 paper/ISBN 978-0-89304-220-2 Publication date: April 30, 2016 Shipping: $5.00 U.S./$10.00 Foreign; add $.50/$5.00 each additional copy. NYS residents 8 5/8% sales tax.


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“The Dark House of Hurt” artwork by Adel Gorgy, USA. “Crosses and gravestones break my view” poem by Peter Thabit Jones, UK


-Credit : Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 78


The Dark House of Hurt
Copyright © Adel Gorgy 2015 Photograph  –




Crosses and gravestones break my view.

To the left, I see you, bending

To arrange a jar of flowers;

The winter sky dulls your presence:

Charcoal figure, Van Gogh peasant.

Now kneeling, you recall a prayer.


My lack of Welsh locks out the sense;

But the grammar of sobs I know.

No priest, no poet, no actor

Could vinegar my wound like you.

You stand and gather up your things;

Then blackly walk the narrow path.


Your grief is deep – and so is mine;

Yet your strange prayer suggests that faith

Does visit your dark house of hurt.

I stare down at my child son’s grave;

I say no words to cross or stone,

As my clenched hands hold crumbs of dirt.



Published in VISITORS by Peter Thabit Jones, Seren Books (1986)

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