Dr. (HC) Sonjaye Maurya

Dr. (HC) Sonjaye Maurya’ Art

Dreaming Princess
Shades of Life

Dr. (HC) Sonjaye Maurya is an eminent artist with international recognition. He is a self taught artist, who has made a strong niche in the world of art in a short span.

He is bestowed with numerous awards like, ‘Kala Ratn’, ‘Swami Vivekanand Excellence Award’, Bharar Jyoti, Honorary Doctorate, to name a few. He is also a ‘World Peace & Brotherhood’ and ‘World Humanity Ambassador’.

His works have a mysterious quality… a magical touch that makes them stand apart from the works of other contemporary artists. Everything that he paints has a deep meaning and message in it. May it be Buddha or even if he is painting fishes or a landscape. His works are many a times a transformation from realistic to abstract and vice versa.

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Dr. (HC) Sonjaye Maurya