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“A seed” gogyoshi by Taro Aizu, Japan

A seed

Even though
I’m old,
I have a seed
that will bloom someday,
deep in my heart

Taro Aizu


Un seme


Anche se

sono vecchio

io ho un seme

che germoglierà un giorno

profondo nel mio cuore

Translated by Lidia Chiarelli


” A Seed” was previously published in : This Precious Earth,  c Copyright, January, 2017 by Taro Aizu. All rights reserved



Taro Aizu was born in the Aizu region of Fukushima
prefecture, Japan. He lives in Kanagawa near Tokyo now.
He has been writing haiku for 20 years, gogyoshi for 12
years in Japanese, and both for 5 years in English and

Multi award winning poet.