Caterina Cavaglià, Guido Chiarelli

Guido Chiarelli and Caterina Cavaglià – 1948

Guido Chiarelli and Caterina Cavaglià’s marriage 1948

Guido Chiarelli, pioneer of Public Lighting in Italy, in the photo of his marriage with Caterina Cavaglià – May 29 1948, Santena (Torino Italy)

Sahitto Award, Tareq Samin

Sahitto International Award for Literature 2021


A prestigious Award with high quality international judges debuts in Bangladesh:

Sahitto Award 2021.

Sahitto International Award for Literature 2021

Award winners list:

Winners of Grand Jury Award:

Faleeha Hassan (Iraq-USA), Lidia Chiarelli (Italy)

Winners of Excellence in Literature Award:

Borche Panov (North Macedonia), Kupriyanov Viacheslav (Russia), Mai Văn Phấn (Vietnam), Pankhuri Sinha (India), Uday Shankar Durjay (Bangladesh), Wang Guilin (China)

Winners of Jury Award:

Alicja Maria Kuberska (Poland), Claudia Piccinno (Italy), Germain Droogenbroodt (Spain), Kari Krenn (Argentina), Ranko Pavlovic (Bosnia Herzegovina), Qiao Hao (China), Rui Cóias (Portugal), Shamenaz Bano (India), Sue Zhu (New Zealand-China), Subash Singh Parajuli (Nepal)

Winners of Honorable Mention in literature Award:

Lilia Gutiérrez Riveros (Colombia), Maki Starfield (Japan), Michela Zanarella (Italy), Mu Ye (China), Rahim Karimov (Kyrgyzstan)

Winners of Special Jury recolonization Award:

Eliza Segiet (Poland), Shaila M Simi (Bangladesh), Zhou Duanzhuang (China)

Sahitto International Award for Literature 2021, literature judging committee members:

Members of European, American and African Literature Judging committee:

Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska (North Macedonia), Yeşim Ağaoğlu (Turkey), Antonia Petrone (Italy), Freke Räihä (Sweden), Glória Sofia (Cape Verde), Franco Barbato (Chile).

Members of Asia Pacific Literature Judging committee:

Tareq Samin (Bangladesh), Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai (Taiwan), Dr. Sayeem Rana (Bangladesh), Amita Sanghavi (India-Oman), Anjuman Rosy (Bangladesh-Canada), Mujib Rahman (Bangladesh), Antonia Petrone (Italy) (Special Judge).


The news is also reported in Chinese Literary Journals

Australia and New Zealand based Chinese journal ‘Ausnznet’ published news on Sahitto International Award.

Hirshhorn Museum Washington DC, Immagine & poesia, Lidia Chiarelli, Wish Tree

Lidia Chiarelli’s Wish Tree installations for Hirshhorn Museum’s project (Washington DC)

Japanese Maple – Wish Tree
Olive – Wish Tree
The Vine – Wish Tree
Lemon – Wish Tree

Lidia Chiarelli responds to the project of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington DC) with four installations of “EYES TO SEE THE RENAISSANCE OF WONDER” series (quoting Lawrence Ferlinghetti).

#WishTreeDC #YokoOno #hirshhorninsideout #wishtreefortheworld.

This year, art lovers are invited to share photographs of their handwritten wishes with the museum via Instagram under the hashtags #WishTreeDC and #YokoOno. Hirshhorn staff will then transfer as many wishes as possible to paper tags, sharing photographs of the installation on social media as it grows.

Ariadne Sawyer, Immagine & poesia, Lidia Chiarelli, World Poetry Café - Canada

Lidia Chiarelli reads her poem on World Poetry Zoom Café – Canada

World Poetry Zoom Café stars on the show now! Our 1,157th radio show!

A lovely audio poem read and by Star Lidia Chiarelli who is one of the Charter Members of Immagine & Poesia, the art literary Movement founded in Torino (Italy) in 2007 with Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas’ daughter. Installation artist and collagist. Coordinator of #Dylan Day in Italy (Turin).She has become an award-winning poet since 2011 and she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from The First International Poetry Festival of Swansea (U.K.) for her broadside poetry and art contribution. Awarded with the Literary Arts Medal – New York 2020.Six Pushcart Prize (USA) nominations. Mario Merz (Italy) Nomination for Arts 2020.Her writing has been translated into different languages and published in more than 150 Poetry magazines, and on websites in many countries. In addition: Star Victor Taylor, NZ A good e-poem, a new story by Sharon Rowe. Also great interviews with two of the stars of Coop Radio Debbie Roche and Kimit S!Here it is downloaded for 3 months.

#DylanDay, #LOVETHEWORDS, Calendars, Dylan Thomas, Immagine & Poesia, Lidia Chiarelli


Hunter’s Moon in October
The Sindh Courier – Pakistan

Images and Haiku by Lidia Chiarelli are published in THE SINDH COURIER (Pakistan – Editor Nasir Aijaz) and they are the response to #LoveTheWords invitation to write haiku inspired by Dylan Thomas’ verse “HOW TIME HAS TICKED A HEAVEN ROUND THE STARS”.

#LoveTheWords – #DylanDay – #Infinitybooksuk