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“Paths to Peace” poem and installation by Lidia Chiarelli, translation in Urdu by Muhammad Azram

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     امن کا راستہ


“Poesía es lo imposible

hecho posible. Arpa

que tiene en vez de curda

corazones y llamas”

Federico Garcia Lorca


مجھے پیار کے

کچھ لفظ بھیجو

اور ان کے ساتھ

ہم مل کر امن کے راستے بنائے گئے


مجھے کوئی امید کے الفاظ بھیجو

اور  ان کے ساتھ مل کر

ہم بہت سے خالی صفات سے بھریں گئے


ہماری آوازیں مل کر

میٹھی دعائیں بن کر

ہواؤں کے ساتھ اڑے گئیں


وہ نیا نغمہ بن کر

نیلے آسمان کی گہرائیوں میں پھیلے

سب اندھیرے ختم کر دیں گے



Paths to Peace


“Poesía es lo imposible

hecho posible. Arpa

que tiene en vez de curda

corazones y llamas”


Federico Garcia Lorca


Send me words of love

and together

we will build

paths to Peace


Send me words of hope

and together

we will fill

thousands of blank pages


Our voices in unison

will become

the sweet sounds of a harp


carried by the wind


they will be

a new song

in the deep blue of a sky

that will not switch off

in the dark of the night

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“Twilight” poem and image by Lidia Chiarelli, translation in Urdu by Muhammad Azram






 (پہاڑوں پر ڈوبتا سورج)


“This bread I break was once the oat,

This wine upon a foreign tree

Plunged in its fruit

Dylan Thomas: from “ This bread I break”



گرمیوں کی

اس لمبی شام میں

روشنی کی سرخ اور جامنی


(جیسے کسی  نظر نہ آنے والے مصور

کے ہاتھ)

گرمیوں کی اس شام میں

انگوروں کے باغات کو

چمکا رہے ہیں



ہوا کا ہلکا سا لمس بھی

ہر پتے کو

ہوا میں ایک جادوئی رقص کرنے پر

مجبور کر دیتا ہے

اور میں

(ایک نامکمل کینوس یا

ایک خالی صفحہ کی طرح)

وقت کی

وہ ہلکی آوازیں

نہیں سن سکتی

خاموش رہ کر انتظار کروں گی

رات کو

اپنی بانہوں میں لے کر گلے لگانے کا




(Sunset on the hills)


This bread I break was once the oat,
This wine upon a foreign tree
Plunged in its fruit;
Man in the day or wine at night
Laid the crops low, broke the grape’s joy…


Dylan Thomas: from “ This bread I break”




of red and purple


(marks left by the hand

of an invisible painter)


light up

the vineyards on the hills

on this


summer evening.


Only the touch of the wind


rustles every leaf

in a magical dance.


And I


(like an unfinished canvas

or a blank page)


unable to listen to

those soft sounds of another time

will stay and wait

in silence

for the enveloping embrace

of the night.



Immagine & Poesia, Lidia Chiarelli, Muhammad Azram

“Times Square” poem and image by Lidia Chiarelli, translation in Urdu by Muhammad Azram

Times Square _

ٹائمز اسکوائر


روشنیاں کھول دو

ایک بار پھر سے

ٹائم اسکوائر کی روشنیاں کھول دو


میرے لیے آج روشنیاں کھول دو

آج نیو یارک میں

میری آخری رات ہے


گلیوں کی گرم ہوا

ایک نرم شال کی طرح

مجھے لپیٹ لیتی ہے


جیسے ہوا کی چرخیاں

چلتی رہتی ہے

اور رقص کو روکتی نہیں


میری آنکھوں

کو ایک بارپھر سے

اپنے میٹھے نشے میں کھو جانے د



Switch on

switch on once more

lights at Times Square.


Switch on for me

in my last night in New York.


The hot air in the streets is a gentle cloak

that wraps me up.


Like windmills moving and moving

don’t stop your dance.


Let my eyes get lost


into your


so sweet

so intoxicating.

Immagine & poesia, Lidia Chiarelli, Shurouk Hammod

“The Forest’s Daughter” poem by Shurouk Hammoud , image and Italian translation by Lidia Chiarelli



The forests’ daughter


Finland the astonished

Like a lover’s intoxication after the first kiss

The furious like a night that tries not to end

The affectionate like a sky that rains at a later date

The placid like the remnants of a forgotten flower in a book

Finland the white

Like clouds those pray on the waiting cross…

Because I love you

The wings stretched on my shoulders

So I could almost fly

Because I love you

I cut my heart in half

One half for the country that gave birth to me

And the other for the snow lady…for you

Because I saw god in you

My prayers became more beautiful

My voice began coming out

Warm like a wine on the soul’s lips

And because I became a friend of your night

O forests ‘daughter!

My face got a new dawn…

Dear Finland

The one whose heart can see you

Becomes a poet

0r a prophet


La figlia delle foreste


Finlandia meravigliata

Come l’intossicazione di un amante dopo il primo bacio

Furiosa come una notte che cerca di non finire

Amabile come un cielo che piove in un momento successivo

Placida come i resti di un fiore dimenticato in un libro

Finlandia bianca

Come nuvole che pregano sulla croce in attesa …

Perché ti amo

Le ali stese sulle mie spalle

Come potessi quasi volare

Perché ti amo

Ho tagliato il cuore a metà

Una metà per il paese che mi ha dato alla luce

E l’altro per la signora delle nevi … per te

Perché ho visto Dio in te

Le mie preghiere sono diventate più belle

La mia voce ha iniziato a uscire

Calda come vino sulle labbra dell’anima

E perché sono diventata amica della tua notte

O figlia delle foreste!

Il mio volto ha avuto una nuova alba …

Cara Finlandia

Colui il cui cuore può vederti

Diventa un poeta

0 un profeta



Shurouk Hammoud “born in 1982 “, a Syrian poetess, literary translator, BA of arts graduate and a master degree graduate of text translation, Damascus University.
She has three published poetry collections in Arabic language and one published poetry collection in English titled: (the night papers), in addition; excerpts of her poetry that have been published in many poetry anthologies in France, Serbia, Netherlands and India,
A member of Palestinian writers and journalists union.
An honorary member at NAJI Naaman international library of honorary culture.
Award winner of many local and international poetry awards