Immagine & Poesia-vol.2 ___

Le format Pdf de cette anthologie a été réalisé par Huguette Bertrand, représentante canadienne du Mouvement Immagine & Poesia. The Pdf format of this anthology has been created by Huguette Bertrand, Canadian representative for Immagine & Poesia Movement.

Countries represented :

  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Bahrain
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • India
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Malta
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Venezuela


Poets and Artists:


  • Arduinna, Alix
  • Bagnall, Ann
  • Barkan Clarke, Mia – Jokiaho,  Ismo
  • Barkan, Stanley H. – Barkan, Bebe
  • Barkan, Stanley H. – Gorgy, Adel
  • Bar-Lev, Helen
  • Benjelloun, Abdelmajid
  • Bertoncini, Marilyne
  • Bertrand, Huguette
  • Bigata, Danielle
  • Boughareb, Makhlouf
  • Calio, Louisa
  • Chiarelli, Lidia –  Actis, Gianpiero
  • Codazza, Cristina –  Kongkhanun, Kriangkrai
  • Cordero, Mariela
  • Desvignes, Marie-Josée
  • Firuzi, Katayun
  • Florio, Natalie – Solomon, Marsha
  • Gill, Caroline
  • Green, Fiona
  • Higgins, Thomas – R. Gopakumar
  • Kerbeb Testa, Nova – Boughareb,  Makhlouf
  • Kleefeld, Carolyn Mary
  • Leroux, Marilyse
  • Lux, Angèle
  • McGee, Donna
  • Menahem-Lilin, Carole – Joffre, Marie-Lydie
  • Miranda, Alejandra
  • Nazareno, Caroline – Actis,  Alessandro
  • Ogonowski, Krzysztof
  • Ragone, Raffaele – Sabatino, Stefania
  • Schreuder, André
  • Shriqui Garain, Astrid
  • Simon Johnmichael – Bar-Lev, Helen
  • Solomon, Marsha
  • Terkmani, Antar
  • Thabit Jones, Peter – Fotini, Hamidieli
  • Velaj, Alisa -Enevoldsen,  Michael
  • Verde, Maria Fiorenza – Alden Caruana,  Doranne
  • Yuan, Changming  – Chida, Misako

#DylanDay: “Garden of Clouds” (To Dylan Thomas) poem by Peter Thabit Jones, UK – Painting by Fotini Hamidieli, Greece

Fotini Hamidieli





(To Dylan Thomas)


Your life had become
A speeded-up film,

Moving too fast, sickly,

Each frame flashed by,

Too quickly, not settling
At all in the scrapbook

Of your mind. Your voice

Was left behind, in rooms
Of strangers sipping wine,
Their politeness like fresh paint
Drying on walls.

You were always traveling,
In a plane, a bus or a car,

Yesterday was always lost
Above a garden of clouds,
In a station of tired faces,

On a table in a café
On a never-ending road.

You felt so alone, your past
Blocked off by each city’s dream
Of sky-threatening stone.
Your dramas drowned in each smile.


The ash of your words
Smouldered in the books
That they bought and shelved
In their unknown lives.

You were losing yourself.
Your emotions rode

The conveyor-belts of their eyes.

You got as close as a lover
With your pockets of songs.

You wore the garments of death
With the laughter of a clown.

At night, when sleep played
Games with your soul

And the traffic smothered
Your slow pictures of love,
New poems dripped into
The wounds of your life

Below the garden of clouds.

Peter Thabit Jones


International Dylan Thomas Day #DylanDay in Torino

EXHIBITION of paintings, digital  art, fine art photos, installations and poems @ IMMAGINE&POESIA Association Centre, Torino – May 14 2015



Collage by Federica Nightingale from a photo by Nora Summers
Collage by Federica Nightingale from a photo by Nora Summers
"Dylan Thomas in blue" digital print by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy
“Dylan Thomas in blue” digital print by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy
"Forest Picture" fine art photo by Alessandro Actis
“Forest Picture” fine art photo by Alessandro Actis


"O make me a mask" installation by Gianpiero Actis and Lidia Chiarelli
“O make me a mask” installation by Gianpiero Actis and Lidia Chiarelli