Robin Ouzman Hislop

“Dialogue with the Trees” by Robin Ouzman Hislop, UK/Spain

Robin Ouzman Hislop is a retired TEFL teacher and Translator who lives in Avila Spain and Yorkshire UK. He is Editor of Poetry Life and Times at . He is author of several poetry book collections and has translated from Spanish the poetry works of Guadalupe Grande and Carmen Crespo. You may visit: Robin Ouzman Hislop about author &, which features mostly his video poems and translated authors. See Robin performing his work Performance (University of Leeds)



            “Dialogue with the Trees” by Robin Ouzman Hislop is an enigmatic (I have complete confidence that he wanted it that way—he can write a fine and perfect sonnet at will) and nothing if not original work that, in one aspect, opens his secret soul to nature and even to the souls of trees—one of nature’s most beautiful productions, and, in another way to the reader’s, letting them share his sense of life.  In this piece the trees talk leafy talk to him and he talks to the trees, or, in another sense, he gives voice to the trees that they may tell us what they mean.  The mysticism of this profound and beautiful work moves us to a deeper understanding that inevitably leads to a powerful emotion.  Some may call it love—which e.e. cummings has said “is the all and more than all.”  It is an honor to share this piece called “A Dialogue with the Trees.”  My own emotions are stirred.  The enigmatic nature of Hislop’s writing induces, and finally compels thoughts and emotions that are naturally involved in any consideration of the enigma of life.  Sadness abides; but cheers are compelled for such writing.


COMMENT by Gary Beck

Dialogue-With-the-trees is a poetic statement harking back to the poignant expressions of thought and feelings that characterize good poetry. The form is mercurial and evokes images that recur and become thematic. Stanza after stanza portray harsh realities, complemented by delicate sensibilities. The poem is an emotional treat that contains enough allusions to captivate a reader.

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田宇 James Tian

Paradise Lost by 田宇 James Tian, China. Italian translation and art by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

Tribute to William Blake: Behemoth and Leviathan – @Lidia Chiarelli Art

Paradise Lost

What is despair?

What is helplessness?

What is appeasement?

What is shock?

When everything has to make way,

For endless selfishness,

Is the tragedy,

Of paradise lost !

Leviathan has grown up,

Behemoth is already showing strength.

Why can’t we kill evil in the cradle?

Why the rights our God gifted us,

Now the stumbling blocks?

It’s often easy to see through one thing,

But it’s difficult to make the right choice !

This is the inherent death of human nature,

It never be forgiven,

Though we can get across.

Everything is handled by interests,

There is always only self in the brain,

How could we make timely rescue,

Correct response and rock?

Please open your eyes,

And see the world we’re living in now.

Full of falsehood, war and slogans,

Is this the rhythm of civilization?

Every breathing life,

Feeling is the most powerful weapon !

Start accepting different voice,

Won’t let selfishness go to the limit,

Really for the sake of faith and freedom,

Give voice for the truth and lot

By James Tian


Paradiso perduto

Cos’è la disperazione?

Cos’è la debolezza?

Cos’è la riconciliazione?

Cos’è il trauma?

Quando tutto deve farsi spazio,

Per un egoismo senza fine,

 È la tragedia,

Del paradiso perduto!

Il Leviatano è cresciuto,

Behemoth sta già mostrando la sua forza.

Perché non possiamo eliminare il male nella culla?

Perché i diritti che il nostro Dio ci ha dato,

Ora sono pietre d’inciampo?

Spesso è facile vedere in un’unica direzione,

Ma è difficile fare la scelta giusta!

Questa è la morte intrinseca della natura umana,

Non si può mai perdonare,

Anche se possiamo capire.

Tutto è gestito dagli interessi,

C’è sempre e solo l’io nel cervello,

Come potremmo salvare ogni cosa in tempo,

Con una  giusta e forte risposta?

Per favore, aprite gli occhi,

E guardate il mondo in cui viviamo ora.

Pieno di falsità, guerra e slogan,

È questo il ritmo della civiltà?

Per ogni essere vivente,

L’amore è l’arma più potente!

Cominciate ad accettare una voce diversa,

Non lasciate che l’egoismo arrivi al limite,

Per vero amore della fede e della libertà,

Date interamente voce alla verità

James Tian

Translated by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy