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Lidia Chiarelli’s Installations for DYLANDAY 2022-#dylanday

Lying by seasand _Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
Clown in the moon _ Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
Of any flower _ Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
Here in this spring _ Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
This bread I break _ Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
O make me a mask _ Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
All fishes were rayed in blood … (from: Ballad of the longlegged bait) Installation by Lidia Chiarelli – #dylanday
James Tian, Lidia Chiarelli

Exhibition Hall of Famous Artists and Poets_ Lidia Chiarelli appointed “Consultant”

The Exhibition Hall of Famous Artists and Poets:

The Italian poets:

 伊曼纽尔·西伦蒂(Emanuele Cilenti): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-245.html

莉迪亚·基亚雷利(Lidia Chiarelli): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-264.html

阿涅塞·摩纳哥(Agnese Monaco): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-272.html

克劳迪娅·皮奇诺(Claudia Piccinno): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-276.html

米歇拉·萨纳雷拉(Michela Zanarella): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-278.html

玛丽亚·埃里科(Maria Errico): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-285.html

萨布丽娜·德·卡尼奥(Sabrina De Canio ): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-327.html

玛丽亚·米拉利亚(Maria A. Miraglia): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-372.html

扎娜·科文(Zana Coven): http://v.315xwsy.com/news/show-390.html

The magazine Chinese Poetry Garden 中华诗园)is managed by the Chinese Poetry Society, and is jointly sponsored by the Poetry Working Committee of ministries and commissions of the Chinese Poetry Society and the national culture research center of the Western Development Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of social sciences. It mainly serves the poetry development of ministries and commissions, and publishes the magazine. James Tian is the editor in chief of the International Edition.

The deputy editors : 1. Shao Fengyun, female. She’s the Intercultural positive psychologist, movie psychological analysis lecturer, president of poetry friends association of Tshangs-Dbyangs-Rgya-Mtsho Poetry Club, member of reading art troupe of Tshangs-Dbyangs-Rgya-Mtsho Poetry Club, former teacher of Cambridge Children’s English School.

 2. Ananda The Founder of Timepiece lifestyle The proponent and practitioner of “You are a work of art” An Undefined Definer Youth writers, artists, curators, psychological consultants of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, IP planners…… She put forward the slogan “You are a piece of artwork” for the first time. She is a dreamer who focuses on the cultivation of her core spirit, forging a complete and invincible self, and making herself firmly walk on the road of completing herself. She is an independent explorer who constantly breaks the boundaries of herself from the humanities fields such as literature, art, to psychology, philosophy. Then to the field of science, she tirelessly explores the unknown world. The leading edge thoughts and continuous practical ability make her rush to become “a piece of artwork”.

 The list of consultants is as follows:

Eden Soriano Trinidad [Philippines]

 Smaragdi Mitropoulou [Greece]

Bisso Natalie [Russia]

Lidia Chiarelli [Italy]

Ana Stjelja [Serbia]

Lucilla Trapazzo [Switzerland]

 Ewelina Maria Bugajska Javorka [Poland]

Елена Григорьевна Ананьева[Ukraine]

Xanthi Hondrou Hill [Greece]

Ольга Левадная [Russia]

Eva Petropoulou Lianoy [Greece]

 Isilda Nunes [Portugal]

Jeanette Eureka [Mexico]

 And the magazine will be awarded to international poets or magazines who’ll cooperate with us. Specific matters will be announced later. The official link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/36FoAM3BRIN9fCZ9Wrd2HQ



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“My Liquid World” (amid winds of war), poem by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

My liquid world

(amid winds of war)

to Dylan Thomas

This ashen day in March

opens with dancing shadows –

images carved in the air

of the spring still too far.

An insidious mist enshrouds me

in crescendo.

Among echoes in subtle vibration

teach me, Dylan, to seek shelter in

my liquid world

take me to feel the pulse

of the tides that ceaselessly

ebb and flow

and while time and space dissolve

in the primordial roar of the Ocean

lead me to fly away, with you, from

the void … of this bewilderment and of that insanity*

* from: Although through my bewildered way

Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

#dylanday #lovethewords

Dylan Thomas in his “liquid world” – digital artwork by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy – (from an original photo by Nora Summers)

#DylanDay, #LOVETHEWORDS, Lidia Chiarelli

“Water Prayer” – to Dylan Thomas, Son of the Sea, poem by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

Water Prayer

to Dylan, Son of the Sea

Seagulls and restless rooks

challenge the wind

on this winter morning.

Under a pearl sky

the waves sing the rising sun –

the first glimpse of light on the horizon

  fades too soon.

Here and now

Dylan’s words resound:

The waters of the heart

push in their tides…*

And from the ancient cliff

I pause and listen to

the voice of the sea:

a water prayer

that softly evaporates

among the fleeing clouds.

*from: Light breaks where no sun shines

Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

#dylanday #lovethewords

Dylan, Son of the Sea – digital artwork by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy – (from an original photo by Nora Summers)
"Global Chinese New Year Poetry Concert", Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli at the “Global Chinese New Year Poetry Concert” for the New Year 2022 (TIGER YEAR).

Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli joins the “Global Chinese New Year Poetry Concert” for the New Year 2022 (TIGER YEAR), invited by Anna Keiko. (January 31, 2022)

《五虎呈祥》诗情辞丑岁 艺韵贺寅春2022全球华人新春诗艺音乐会2022年1月31日正值中国农历壬寅年春节除夕,《全球华人诗艺音乐会》主办方特别择此吉日,云集五大洲华人诗歌与艺术之贤才精英和热衷中国文化的多国著名诗人(包括诺贝尔文学奖候选人),隆重推出一场具有环球视野与学术高度的诗意盛宴!届时敬请关注文旅直播和其它多平台的全球播放。

The Five TigersPoetry and Art to celebrate the spring 2022 Global Chinese New Year Poetry Concert on January 31, 2022, the organizers of the “Global Chinese Poetry and Art Concert” have chosen this auspicious date to gather the elite of Chinese poetry and art from five continents and famous poets from many countries who are passionate about Chinese culture (including Nobel Prize candidates) to present a poetic feast with global vision and academic height! Please stay tuned for the global broadcast of the event on the Cultural Travel Live and other multiple platforms.