AUTUMN, quadro di NxNa, Bulgaria. CADONO LE FOGLIE, poesia di AERONWY THOMAS, UK

Autumn bulgaria 
(copyright dell'artista)




The leaf speaks:

I am changing colour

It feels strange

I was vibrant green

Now my tips are orange

Brown and yellow


The tree speaks:

I am feeling unwell

My leaves behave


My green roof

And walls gone

People liked

To shelter from the sun

And rain

The children

The squirrels

The picnic parties

A tablecloth

Spread under

My lively branches

Shady and


I can see and hear

The children nearby

Waiting for the conkers.


The leaf speaks:

I am falling



Gusts of wind

Strip the tree

In playful tornadoes

Until it subsides.

I join the others

Spread out

Under the tree

Burgundy leaves

Are whipped up by the wind

For a last dance.


The tree speaks:

I feel naked to the elements

Without my leaves

And think of the mists and rain

And cold

As Winter approaches.

Never mind

I look splendid

With my limbs

On show

And know my buds

Are lying dormant,

Protected by

Their sticky sheafs

Ready to burst forth

At Spring

To clothe me

Once again

In King’s cloak

Of green.






La foglia parla :

Sto cambiando colore

È strano

Ero verde vibrante

Ora le mie punte sono arancioni

Marroni e gialle


L’albero parla:

Non mi sento bene

Le mie foglie si comportano


Il mio tetto

E le mie pareti verdi se ne sono andati

Le persone amavano

Ripararsi dal sole

E dalla pioggia

I bambini

Gli scoiattoli

Le feste con i picnic

Una tovaglia

Stesa sotto

I miei rami vivaci

Ombrosi e


Posso vedere e udire

I bambini vicini

Che aspettano le castagne d’India.


La foglia parla:

Sto cadendo



Raffiche di vento

spogliano l’albero

In tornadi giocosi

Finché il vento si calma.

Mi unisco alle altre


Sotto l’albero

Foglie dal color rosso scuro

Sono spazzate dal vento

Per un’ultima danza.


L’albero parla:

Mi sento nudo di fronte agli elementi

Senza le mie foglie

E penso alle nebbie e alla pioggia

E al freddo

Mentre l’inverno si avvicina.

Non importa

Sembro splendido

Con le mie membra

In vista

E so che le mie gemme

Ora stanno dormendo

Protette dai

Loro spessi involucri

Pronte a uscire fuori

A primavera

Per vestirmi

Ancora una volta

Con un verde mantello

Da Re.


Translated by: Lidia  Chiarelli



ECLIPSE IN ETHER, quadro di Katrina Vrebalovich, Norvegia. MOONWOLF, poesia di AERONWY THOMAS, UK


(copyright dell'artista)





Keeping watch over the skies

I look for a slice of light

to herald the coming of

the moon

so many hours watching

in vain

eyes blinded by

neon stars

limbs rigid with anticipation.


You complain I ignore you

up all hours alone

what I felt for you

last full moon

belonged to that time.

 Wait for the rising of

the moon

we can reignite our love

or not

 I am a moon wolf

inconstant as water.





Continuando ad osservare I cieli

cerco una fetta di luce

che annuncia l’arrivo della


così tante ore a guardare

in vano

gli occhi accecati dalle

stelle al neon

le membra irrigidite nell’attesa.


Tu protesti che ti ignoro

tutte quelle ore in solitudine

ciò che provavo per te

lo scorso plenilunio

apparteneva a quel tempo.

Aspetta il sorgere

 della luna

noi potremo riaccendere il nostro amore

oppure no

io sono un lupo della luna

incostante come l’acqua.


Translated by Lidia Chiarelli









Immagine&Poesia…Then and Now, saggio di MARY GORGY. Fine Art Photo di ADEL GORGY. Long Island, N.Y.

(copyright dell'artista)


Immagine&Poesia…Then and Now


Mary Gorgy

Immagine&Poesia is an international art movement founded in Turin, Italy in 2007 by a small group of poets and artists, including Aeronwy Thomas, Lidia Chiarelli, Gianpiero Actis and others, who believe that the power of the written word and the power of visual image, when joined, create a new work which is not only greater than the parts, but altered, enhanced, changed and magnified by the union.  Since their founding, their ideas have spread and the group has grown to include a wide range of artists and writers from around the world—from fledgling painters, photographers, videographers and promising young poets to luminaries like Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Immagine&Poesia shares in a great heritage that includes many important movements.  The manifesto of Surrealism was written by the poet/critic Andre Breton, and came to full voice in the imagery of Dali, de Chirico and Magritte.  Dante Rossetti, the poet/painter, founded the Pre-Raphaelites, who found not only inspiration, but a higher truth in the poetry of Keats.  Paul Klee wrote poetry; e. e. cummings painted.  For which was Blake better known?  Perhaps the greatest expression of the marriage is in the sister arts of poetry and painting that flowered in the Zen Buddhist art of China and Japan, including Zenga and the calligraphic works of the Edo period monks.

All art is inspired and informed by other art.  It is difficult, indeed, to imagine a serious trend in art that has not found its echo in literature, or a meaningful direction in literature without a parallel path in the visual arts.  How can art not reflect its own time and place, its unique world view, and be relevant?  Or, as Yeats says, “How can we tell the dancer from the dance?”

It may be that in the beginning was the word, but art has never been far behind.  Mankind’s first words were pictures—pictographs of men and animals, sun and moon.  Lascaux’s cave paintings and aboriginal rock art tell us of a world where men dwelled among demons to be conquered and gods to be appeased, and life depended upon the success of the hunt.  The walls of Egyptian temples employed pictures and hieroglyphs to tell of battles and kings, but their artistry and grace tell a greater story, one of a culture of elegance and refinement never before seen on earth.  Renaissance cathedrals and chapels were decorated with scenes from the Gospels and the stories of beloved saints, and the architecture and art took the place of the written word for an illiterate congregation listening to prayers in a language they did not speak.

Throughout history, art and literature, especially poetry and song, its most itinerant form, have been the means for mankind to make his story known.  No chronology of rulers or map of borders can tell of human joy and sorrow, longing and fulfillment, for these are the domain of poetry and art. 

Immagine&Poesia has renewed the tradition of bringing together artists and poets to create new collaborations and in these collaborations reside new ideas, new vitality, and new ways of seeing.  And being, as all relevant art is, a product of its own time, Immagine&Poesia uses new technologies to reach its audience.  Through the use of digital imagery and global, always-on communications, artists from small towns in Asia can collaborate with poets in Europe.  A painter from South America can join her image to the work of a poet from Wales, and not only will the work be changed by the experience, but both poet and artist will be, too.  Like synaptic neurons firing together to form a thought, or tributaries flowing together to form a great river, the collaborations of artists and poets support, as Immagine&Poesia states in its manifesto, “activity, imagination, originality and research.”  And through publishing these collaborations, Immagine&Poesia brings to art a new, 21st century, illuminated manuscript, a modern day Zenga to contemplate.



ANGELS, quadro di PREMA, Norvegia. ANGEL, poesia di AERONWY THOMAS, UK

(copyright dell'artista)



Clogging up the skies

Wings flapping on takeoff

Wind Gale Force Angel

A gentle breeze on the cheek.

They descend in a crowd

So near there’s hardly room

For all of us.

Soon you’ll be an angel

I think they whisper.

The sky’s overcongested

I object

Irritated by feathers.

When you’re really good

You go straight to heaven,

For a comfy cloud

Angels by invitation only.

Not a chance

Says the gravely voice

Behind my shoulder.

The air thins of angels

Gets distinctly warm

Palatial accommodation

Unencumbered fire for skies

He offers.

Do what you want

No penance down

Where I preside

The heat’s always on.

Him upstairs

Too fussy about intent

Even if you repent

Lies the dark angel

Paying me a visit

Last minute.

Lifting my arms

Little feathers grow

I shoot up like

A rocket

All the angels “tut-tutting”

Road Hog they shout

In musical tones

As I make my choice

And shoot Heavenwards

(God willing).



IN THE DARK, quadro di FOTINI HAMIDIELI, Grecia . GULF, poesia di Aeronwy Thomas, UK

(copyright dell'artista)



The mistake

I made

Was to be younger

Than my mother.

She could not

Forgive me

And I could not

Grow older

To match her,

My mother

(even if I wanted to).


I wished

I could be

Her friend

Not her rival.

The mistake

I never made

Was to introduce

My young lover

Asserting my



The gulf

Of aging

And disintegration

(as she saw it).

                                         AERONWY       THOMAS