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” A MARVELLOUS TAILGATER BLUESANELLE” poem by Lewis Turco, U.S.A. Image by Tomie dePaola, U.S.A.

Happy Easter





For Jean at 9:58 p.m. Good Friday 2013


By Lewis Turco


Had we but world enough and time,

(A lot of world, a bit more time),

I’d likely waste it on a rhyme


Because I’d write a verse for you

Instead of making love to you.

Had we but world enough and time


I’d spread my foolscap on my desk,

Pull out my quill pen at that desk

And start to mull over a rhyme.


I’d leave you sitting on the bed,

Your negligee spread on the bed,

Had we but world enough and time


But we do not, for time has passed

And almost all my verse is past

I likely wasted it on rhyme.


Perhaps I should have been averse

To scribbling yet another verse

While we had world enough and time…,

But no. I’d  waste them on a rhyme.


Image copyright © 2013 by Tomie dePaola;

Poem copyright © 2013 by Lewis Turco;

All rights reserved.