Angelo Chiarelli

Angelo Chiarelli – Storia della Telegrafia

Angelo Charelli, nato a Castrofilippo (Ag) nel 1874, ha occupato un ruolo significativo nel campo della Telegrafia distinguendosi come ufficiale postelegrafico prima a Caltanissetta poi – a partire dal 1922 – a Torino. Suo il telegrafo portatile da campo, ora piccolo gioiello da museo. Scompare a Torino nel 1936.

Padre di Guido Chiarelli, pioniere della illuminazione pubblica

Telegrafo da campo portatile appartenuto ad Angelo Chiarelli.


The International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association ( IAETDAA )-China

The Introduction of The International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association ( IAETDAA )

The International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association ( IAETDAA ) is an art therapy research society established by aggregating international multi-cultures and artistic multi-cultural expression, which promotes the education, growth, mutual trust, exchange and cooperation of people in different cultural backgrounds through arts.

It gathers the creators of global art expression, such as poetry, painting, dance, music, drama and other multiple expressions to participate in and create together, so as to awaken our inner love, let more people’s love power gather together, help the growth of individuals and communities, and also build a better community, country and even the world.

It’s a professional research institution of art therapy too. It integrates the advanced cultural concepts of the different countries, and integrates multiple art therapy methods. With great tolerance and enthusiasm, we support art therapists, artists, educators, psychology experts and consultants around the world to work together, communicate and link together, so as to promote the development and progress of the art therapy industry and better promote personal growth Social development and progress.

Members of the committee of the IAETDAA(Joining and cooperation are ongoing, and we look forward to the participation of interested friends)

Honorary President ( Be Pending )

Executive President

Zhao Yan ( Ananda )


James Tian ( especially for international affairs )

Vice President

Wang Lingyi
Zhang Lingmin

Directors ( Be Pending )

Council Members ( Be Pending )

Academic Advisors :

Ashraf-Dali (Egypt)
Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén(Peru)
Elisabetta Bagli (Italy)
Tobias Burghardt(Germany)
Fahredin Shehu(Kosovo)
Lidia Chiarelli(Italy)
Dimitris P.Kraniotis(Greece)
Alexander Kabishev(Russia)

Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala

Philippine Venue of Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala

Official website of Chinese Literature :

The Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala is the only legal event entitled “Spring Festival Gala of Poetry” in China,which is jointly sponsored by China Central Television (CCTV) and China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and is in the charge of the Ministry of Publicity of the People’s Republic of China. Its founders are Qu Jinxing and Yu Hongying. 

In 2021, the Philippine venue of the Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala was officially established, and the first session was been held on the Chinese Lantern Festival in 2022. This year’s one (The 2nd session) will be held on the Chinese Lantern Festival (February 5, 2023) too. 

Now, the list of the staff of Philippine venue appointed by the Beijing headquarters of the Poetry Festival Gala Committee is announced as below :

President : 

伊登·索里亚诺·特立尼达(Eden Soriano Trinidad), 田宇(James Tian)

Vice-president :

克桑西·洪德鲁·希尔(Xanthi Hondrou-Hill) ,叶莲娜·格里戈里耶夫娜·阿纳涅娃(Елена Григорьевна Ананьева),伊丽莎白·埃斯古埃拉·卡斯特罗(Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo),阿德里安·菲斯加·卢格(Adrian Fisga Luague),米尔德里·德·乔雅·帕(Mildred De Joya Par)

Chairman of the General Assembly : 

莉迪亚·基亚雷利(Lidia Chiarelli), 阿布杜卡赫·科西莫夫(Abdukakhor Kosimov), 伊塞尔达·努内斯(Isilda Nunes), 阿尔瓦罗·马约(Álvaro Maio), 奥尔加·列瓦德娜娅 (Ольга Левадная)