Dylan Thomas

HIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH (Llewelyn’s imagined response to his father) by FIONA GREEN, UK


(Llewelyn  walking in a misty meadow near Dawlish – watercolour by Fiona Green)

This poem should be read alongside Dylan Thomas poem “This Side of the Truth” – for Llewelyn.


HIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH : Llewelyn’s imagined response to his father

Llewelyn saw your side of the truth, and rejected it
In the blinding country of his middle age.
He saw what was undone
Under the unminding skies
King of his heart in the blind days.

King of his sixty one years,by the grinding Dawlish sea
He blew away like breath;
Went crying through you and me
And the souls of all men :
A hard death.

And all your deeds and words,Dylan
Were cast, before he moved
Each truth, each lie
Was judged …. and died ….
In his unjudging love.

Fiona Green


Llewelyn Thomas & Fiona Green  lived together for his
last six years