Helen Bar-Lev, Immagine & Poesia

“The Season Sings a Song of Autumn” poem and painting by Helen Bar-Lev, Israel

BOOK, Autumn in J-m


The Season Sings a Song of Autumn

Squill gone
crocus now
a toad croaks
herons hover above the Hula
a snake pauses,
slithers into crevice,

on the rocks
hyrax scamper
escape hawk

at five night encroaches
rain approaches
a bat flaps utterly silent
silhouetted by a full moon
breaking off now from the mountain
like a balloon released from its moorings

the willow is old and leafless
its limbs a skeleton
in the garden
the old cat buried beneath it

the clementine drops its fruit
the grapevine withers
apples, harvested, depart for market

and we, white of hair,
creased with wrinkles,
wait for winter
like the willow
like the cat

C 11.2009 Helen Bar-Lev



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